need to get online?

I offer Managed Web Hosting, which means I worry about all the small details, and you just worry about having your own site!

Perfect for small businesses, restaurants, writers, artists, and anyone else that needs an online presence!

…what’s it cost?

My prices are variable! It entirely depends on your needs from the website. Hosting an online store is going to be more expensive than a blog, for example. Feel free to get in touch to discuss specifics!


At the entry level, I will keep your site online, up to date and functional. But you will be responsible for the content on the site. I will teach you how to use it, and will always be available for guidance, or to fix it when things break.

Custom email can be added on for an additional $5/mo!


At this price point, I will post new pages and blog posts / articles to your website on your behalf, but you will be responsible for providing the content. Simply email me photos and a blurb and it goes online! The limit on this is 2 pages/week, after which it gets added to your bill at a rate of $5/per page.

Custom email included!

$100 -$150/mo

At the top tier, I will take complete control over your site, allowing you to just dictate what you want done via email, and I will make it happen for you. Price is variable based on amount of changes necessary per month.

Custom email included!